4 of the Craziest Plastic Surgeries That Ever Happened

1 The real life Ken doll

According to [OptingHealth.com] – at the age of 33, Rodrigo Alves has undergone over 150 surgeries and procedures, spending close to $400,000 to look like the Ken doll. He looks like he has perfected the plastic man doll, but for Alves, he’s not quite there yet. He wanted more. Just this year, he flew thousands of miles from his home in London to India only to be denied the operation he had hoped for. Doctors refused to perform a risky operation to permanently change his eye color to ice grey. This, according to the TV presenter, made him “very sad.” Oh, and those abs and other well-toned muscles? They’re implants. Having a chiseled body without having to work out? Why not?